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About Kangen Water®

change your water change your life

Enagic® is dedicated to true health - promoting health and wellness through pure, mineral-rich water that is ionized using our patented processes. Our main offering - Kangen Water® - is alkaline water that promotes wellness while hydrating bodies and offering numerous other benefits.

The five types of water produced by an Enagic® machine convert your ordinary tap water into purified water that performs a variety of functions according to your needs. Learn more about Enagic® and the benefits you can obtain by switching to Enagic® for your water needs.

Enagic® - Change Your Water, Change Your Life!TM

The Benefits of Kangen Alkaline Water

People are often surprised to learn that the human body is comprised of approximately 70% water. With this element being such an enormous part of our existence, it's no wonder that the quality of water we put into our bodies plays an important role in our health, happiness, and longevity. Kangen water machines create alkaline water to help you live the absolute best life possible.

Marilyn Abraham, Orlando FL

I have been on high blood pressure medication for 7 years and was taking six pills per day. After three months of drinking kangen water, I am almost off of all my medication. I have more energy than I have ever had. I work out every day and everyone tells me I look so much younger. What I've noticed is the more Kangen Water I drink, the longer I drink it, the better I feel and the younger I look.

This amazing water, produced with a state-of-the-art filtration machine manufactured by Enagic, a leader in the water purification industry. For over 30 years, this company has been conducting ground-breaking research in water with the power to create an alkaline body and positioning itself as an authority on the subject of water quality and its power to improve our daily lives.
Kangen Water Machine

So what makes Kangen Alkaline water so unique?

waterglass full with Kangen Water
  • Kangen water acts as an extremely potent antioxidant, which helps to slow down aging.
  • Kangen water will reduce acidity in the body, which aids in weight loss..
  • Kangen water works to detoxify your colon by eliminating free radicals,
    which boosts your immunity to disease.
  • Kangen water creates a healthy alkaline body which offsets changes in
    the acid alkaline balance in your body and make you feel and look better.
  • Kangen water super-hydrates, which leaves you feeling energized and
    increases your body's ability to absorb important vitamins and minerals.


5 types of kangen water ph

Strong Kangen Water (pH 11):

 water machines of all different kinds        
Not for drinking, Strong Kangen Water has dissolving and heat-conducting properties that make it terrific for cleaning, food preparation, stain removal, and more.

 Kangen Water® (pH 8.5-9.5):

Perfectly balanced and optimized for exquisite taste, Kangen Water® is ideal for drinking, cooking, food preparation, cleaning, and more.

 Neutral Water (pH 7.0):

This type of water is delicious and free of impurities - the perfect choice for a wide range of healthy hydration choices.

 Acidic Water (pH 4.0-6.0):

Not for drinking, Acidic Water has notable astringent effects and is perfect for food preparation, beauty and hair care, polishing, and other useful applications for commercial operations.

 Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.5):

Also not for drinking, Strong Acidic Water keeps areas safe and clean by sanitizing them and complements Strong Kangen Water for a powerful cleaning alternative to harsh and expensive chemicals.


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